Terry McCaulley

Cedar and Stone Sculptor

Terry McCaulley is a self-taught sculptor who started carving in native cedar at the age of 11. Since 1991 he has been a full-time sculptor. He was born In 1954 and has lived and worked in and around Taos all of his life.

New Mexico Museum 1973, New Mexico State Fair 1973,1974,1983, Taos Pueblo 1992-2000, Fields Art Gallery 1980, Taos Fall Arts Festival/Taos Open 1991-2003, Taos Invites 2004, Cedar and Stone Gallery 2002-2004, Private Commissions worldwide.

“Sculpting involves many beautiful aspects, as do allU areas of the creative spirit. It is my belief that we are created in the image of our Creator, who is the greatest artist of all. As co-creators, we honor what has already been created in its ever changing, but in part seemingly stable forms. The spirit of creativity exists within each and every one of us in abilities waiting to be discovered. There are so many different mediums, with their natural colors and shapes and workable contents, for us to work with! The love and. desire to do any certain thing are the first and most important tools. With those two things intact, we will seek a way to find our mediums, our tools and the time to challenge ourselves and our materials. It is in our greatest challenges that our greatest potential for growth exists. The lessons that we are given through trial and error are priceless.”

“As our vision reaches a finished piece of work, it lives on through others’ as they share in the process of creating through touching and seeing. Art is a beautiful way to enter in to the present moment… a way to tap into the infinite flow of creation, a form of prayer, meditation, and sharing as we open our hearts to the gifts that lie within. To me, learning is listening, observing and experiencing spirit. I only Wish that each one of us could find our God-given gifts and follow those gifts with passion. It seems that the world would be a much more beautiful place if that could happen.”