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Date of Birth: Approximately 1960
Resides in Keams Canyon, AZ

Andrew is a Tewa/Hopi Indian artist from First Mesa (Polacca) Arizona. Like most of the Hopi carvers, he is self-taught in the art, working from trial and error and watching his older brothers, Finkle and Randall Sahmie. Andrew has been carving steadily since about 1990, and has developed outstanding refinement in his work. One has only to look at the crook of a finger on his kachinas to see his concentration and attention to detail. Creative individuals surround Andrew; his mother, Priscilla Namingha, and his Navajo wife, Ida Sahmie, as well as his first cousins Stephen Lucas and Dan Namingha, are all award-winning artists. Andrew’s great-great grandmother was the historic Tewa/Hopi potter Nampeyo.