Michael and Causandra Dukepoo

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Michael (Hopi/Laguna/Yaqui) and Causandra (Taos) Dukepoo

This husband and wife team collaborate on many jewelry pieces. They live at Taos Pueblo with their children. Taos Pueblo is Cassandra’s home pueblo. Both have been active jewelers since 1997. Michael attended IAIA, the Institute of American Indian Art, and University of New Mexico. He learned to make jewelry from his father Na Na Ping, also a prize-winning contemporary jeweler. Michael is a gentle spirit and takes great pride in choosing only natural and high quality stones. Cassandra studied at UNM and took jewelry classes at Poeh Arts Program. She also learned inlay techniques from her husband and father-in-law. She delights in creating complicated and beautiful inlay pieces. 

The Dukepoos are known for their sophisticated techniques with inlay and  have reached new heights and earned awards with magnificent bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and rings. Their style is elegantly contemporary and usually features banded mosaic gemstones in simple sterling silver settings. They take great pride in making gorgeous chunk inlay jewelry, using high quality stones.  Both jewelers enjoy creating art because it allows them to share their heritage and express their creativity without limitations.

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